What You Discard May Save A Life

We want to highlight a friend and ministry partner, Medshare, and the great work they do. Perhaps you can help and be a part of this strategically effective ministry. Watch this video below to learn more.

MedShare’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people, communities, and our planet through the efficient sourcing and redistribution of surplus medical supplies and biomedical equipment to healthcare partners in 96 under-developed countries around the world.

What we do:  MedShare’s collection barrels in hospitals throughout Georgia, Northern California, and metropolitan New York prevent 3M cubic feet of useable medical supplies from entering U.S. landfills. MedShare trucks collect those supplies, as well as working biomedical equipment, and 19,000 volunteers a year sort and box the supplies so that our recipient healthcare partners may order exactly what they need. We also receive donated supplies and equipment from Halyard Health, Stryker, Henry Schein, Hill Rom and hundreds of other manufacturers and distributors.

How we do it:  In the past seventeen years, MedShare has delivered 1,311 forty-foot shipping containers of medical supplies and working biomedical equipment with a conservative value of $156M to 96 countries around the world. Our work is aligned around four health programs: Maternal Child Health, Infectious Disease Control and Prevent, Primary Care and Disaster Relief. We have equipped 3,487 volunteer medical mission teams with supplies to care for patients and outfitted 105 U.S. safety net clinics. In addition, we have trained over 1,500 in-country technicians and end-users in the operation and repair of biomedical equipment.  

Help Us to Help You As We Help Them:  

  1. Donate medical supplies and working biomedical equipment!

  2. Take an extra suitcase of our supplies on your next mission trip!

  3. Spend 3 hours sorting medical supplies in a fun and fast-paced environment

  4. Spread the word at your hospital affiliations.

  5. Get involved in our work!  Help us build an army of people who believe that health is a human right!

  6. Attend Kaleidoscope: A Global Celebration on August 13 at The Foundry.

Medshare is located here in the Metro Atlanta area: 3240 Clifton Springs Road, Decatur, Georgia 30034. For more information about Medshare and how to help, contact them directly at 404-537-5080 (direct) or visit www.medshare.org