Bringing Needed Peace To El Salvador

Perhaps you didn't know this, but El Salvador is considered the most dangerous and violent country in the world (outside of a war zone). In 2015, El Salvador had 104 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, for a murder toll of 6,657 - a staggering 67-per cent jump on the figures for 2014 (as a way of comparison, the United States has 4 homicides per 100,000).

This is a country that has suffered decades of war and violence. The scars of El Salvador's past violent history and present crisis are deeply experienced every day. We (CMDA Atlanta) are committed to bringing the light of Christ through the healing touch of medicine to people in need. El Salvador is truly a country in need and the Salvordian people are in desperate need of the healing touch of Jesus.

Over the four days of clinic we were able to see 932 medical and dental patients, seeing 36 people indicate decisions for Jesus Christ, and 3 new churches planted.

This March, a CMDA Atlanta team of 22 physicians, nurses, a dentist, a chiropractor, a pharmacist, a mental health professional and medical/nursing students traveled to El Salvador to bring needed medical care to the underserved communities in El Salvador. We came at the invitation of Oasis Church in San Miquel in order to come alongside their work and mission to assist them in reaching their community with the love and compassion of Christ. Over the past couple of years, we have served with Oasis Church in several communities near the town of San Miguel, San Jeronimo being the latest this past March. During our time in San Jeronimo our team brought needed medical care and through the proclamation of the gospel, saw lives impacted, hearts changed and churches planted.

Pastor Job from Oasis Church with the new church members in Tizatillo

Pastor Job from Oasis Church with the new church members in Tizatillo

Above is such a cool and exciting picture. The picture is Pastor Job, from Oasis church with the new members of the church in the village of Tizatillo. During our clinic in San Jeronimo, people came from many surrounding villages and towns, including Tizatillo. Several people from Tizatillo came to Christ and immediately asked for a church in their  own community. It only took less than a week for Pastor Job to meet with the interested families and now a new church has begun meeting in their community. This new church is such an answer to prayer, as the community of Tizatillo was one of 105 communities and villages that Oasis Church is targeting to reach with the gospel through planting and establishing churches.

It is such a privilege for CMDA Atlanta and our medical missions team to be a part of Oasis Church's God-sized vision and commitment to see no village or person untouched by the gospel throughout El Salvador. It is only through the gospel of Jesus Christ that the people of El Salvador will find true and lasting peace. Thank you for your prayers and support that made this mission possible!


photo credit: AP Photo/Manu Brabo