Giving Hope To The Haitian People

From June 18-26th, CMDA Atlanta will be sending a team from the States to the Dominican Republic (DR) to serve the Haitians living and working in the "Bateyes" (sugarcane working farms). 

These Bateyes are places of hopelessness and exploitation. A 7-day work week combined with low wages, long hours, deplorable living conditions, and no governmental protection, make these Haitian Bateyes the poorest communities in the nation. The need for basic medical care, coupled with the love of Christ, make these Bateyes a very necessary and strategic place for us to serve. 

Our team will be assisting and working with our in-country partner, Oasis Church from Santo Domingo, which has an ongoing work and ministry within the Bateyes. Our team has partnered with Oasis Church for the past 6 years - going into Haiti as well as serving in the DR among the Haitian Bateyes. Last year alone we were able to see and serve 1485 patients during our time in the DR, and witnessed 208 patients indicate decisions for Jesus Christ.

Will you join us in this important and strategic endeavor as a prayer and financial ministry partner?

Watch this video about our mission to the Haitian people