Our work with the Mobile Medical Unit, the Clarkston Clinic and all local medical outreaches has been approved by the State of Georgia under their "sovereign immunity" protection - giving all our providers and program volunteers - full liability protection.

But in order to be covered by this program, there are a couple of requirements - but those requirements vary.

I have two sets of instructions - one for medical providers and one for non-medical volunteers

Medical Providers - Physicians, PA, RN, Dentists (all licensed medical providers)

To apply, all I need from you, via email, is your full name as it appears on your medical license, your license number, address, email & phone number. I will be  submitting that information to the state - VERY SIMPLE PROCESS.

Just send me that info using the button at the bottom of the page.

Non Medical Providers

You will be processing patients - you can read the job description/scope.

What is required from you are three things

1. You must complete the GVHCP Eligibility Specialist Application.

2. In addition you must download & sign the Specialist Agreement.

The state needs both documents to contain original signatures to run the background check. Therefore you MUST mail the two completed forms to Rebekah Matthews (our Clarkston volunteer coordinator). Her office address is: 2208 Reserve Dr NE Atlanta GA 30319. Also please include a note that you are a CMDA Atlanta volunteer.

3. The third requirement for non medical volunteers is that you attend State required training about the program. The training will take about 2 hours. You'll need to contact us for the dates of the next scheduled training.