How You Can Make A Lasting And Eternal Impact

If you asked people on the street, "Do you want your life to make a difference?", I think most people would say "YES, of course!". We don't want to waste our life.

One of the ways we can make a difference is when we become a force multiplier - when we leverage our skills, abilities, and resources to increase impact and influence. Remember we are just one person in which we possess only a finite amount of time and which we can only be physically present one place at a time - therefore when we have the opportunity to make a greater impact beyond those limitations and constraints we should jump at the chance to do so.

One way you can do just that, is by helping to resource and underwrite a ministry and movement that is mobilizing, sending and resourcing opportunities to bring critical medical care with the love of Jesus - all over the world. Your generosity can make a lasting and significant impact upon the lives of others.

Watch the video below to see a picture of that impact - and how you can be a part of that.