God's Face In The Eyes Of Every Patient

Just recently our CMDA Atlanta medical mission team returned from serving in the Dominican Republic (DR). It was an incredible and blessed week as we had a chance during our 5 days of clinic to see 1,485 patients at both the Dominican community of Los Guaricanos outside of Santo Domingo as well as in the Haitian sugarcane worker villages throughout the DR countryside.

Yet even more amazing than the volume of patients we were able to see was the spiritual reception that we saw during the week. 208 patients indicated decisions for Jesus Christ. Not only did 208 patients respond to the gospel, but then they were introduced to Pastor Pedro, the Oasis Church pastor, so that they could get enfolded into the church community for discipleship. 

During these medical missions it is a unique privilege to not only care for each individual patient's physical needs, but in addition to minister to the "whole person" - that is to care for all their needs, their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Each person that God sends us is precious to Him, made in His image - and it is a blessing to be able to offer real spiritual hope and physical healing. Here below are some of what our team members had to say of their experience.

The day before I left for the DR GHO trip I did a biopsy on a woman with an oral cancer. I told her I would be gone for a week in Haiti/DR. Her immediate response was......”what in God’s name for?” Reflecting now a couple days after our return I have many answers to her inquiry, but these two are the most obviously us; 1). ...because God called me. I saw his face in the eyes of every patient and every team member and he affirmed that this trip was part of his plan for me. 2).....because God wants me to see his face in a the patients I care for everyday and to have the courage to witness.
— Dr. Paul Boerman, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon - Vermont
We spent the whole week caring for forgotten people; a very poor region in Santa Domingo and two villages of Haitians working 7 days a week in the sugar cane fields for only food and shelter.What a blessing for our group to have the privilege to demonstrate God’s love and care to them.
— Dr. Keith Miller, Orthopedic Surgeon - Illionis
This trip began with many potential bumps in the road as plans changed last minute, yet God smoothly directed us to many needy areas that we were able to aid with medical care, prayer, and worship. Seeing tired and helpless expressions on the faces of some of the world’s more forgotten people change to smiles and tears of happiness warmed my heart. I will never forget the humility and love God taught me on this trip; it is now part of my foundation in medicine and I will carry it with me always.
— Kate Smith, M2 GA-PCOM Medical Student

Thank you for your support that made this trip to the DR possible. In a couple of weeks we will yet again be embarking on another medical mission. The first two weeks in August we will be sending just over 60 Mercer PA students, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists to Nicaragua.

Please keep us in prayer during our upcoming Nicaragua mission. Thank you.