All People Are Human

Did you know, that over the past ten years, more than 1 million people have immigrated to the Atlanta area - most of them resettled in Clarkston. Clarkston has been named the most diverse square mile in America by the New York Times.

We (CMDA Atlanta in partnership with Grace Fellowship Church & Peace of Thread) currently rent what we call the Clarkston House. This is a place where refugees can find job training, medical care, counseling, and employment.

It’s not just a house. It’s more than a house. ­ It’s a place to thrive. To start. To dream. To rebuild. To be restored. To be empowered.

We've been given the opportunity to buy this house, and to allow the work there to continue to flourish. We believe that an entire community will come together and buy this house for the Clarkston community. We're asking 10,000 people to simply give $25 each, so that TOGETHER, we can come around the Clarkston community and create a better future... and WE'RE JUST OVER HALFWAY THERE!

CMDA Atlanta family, would you join the movement now - give $25 and become a part of a community that is providing hope for refugees!?

TOGETHER, we can do this!